Ways To Avoid Excessive Stress During Examinations

Ways To Avoid Excessive Stress During Examinations: It is well known fact that every individual is unique, and that exam stress management is more difficult for young people to manage than for mature, established personalities. Exam anxiety, anticipation, and stress, of course, can erode self-belief.

Ways To Avoid Excessive Stress During Exams

Someone has a well-developed imagination, and emotions run over the edge. Someone trusts only logic and rationally approaches the solution of important tasks for him. Therefore, each young person will choose a method that will suit him or be able to combine them. A comprehensive approach will help you achieve your goal faster and cope with anxiety.

Start Preparing In Advance

Nothing confuses and panics like the realization that there is only one night to prepare for the exams. Unfortunately, it has long been customary among teenagers to learn everything at the last moment. For the brain to recognize the necessary information and not feverishly think about the fact that there is less and less time left, it is worth starting active preparation in advance.

For example, go to the library and repeat each lesson. Then your nervous system will be in a state of stress and will not prevent you from thoroughly studying. However, if it so happens that you have absolutely no time left for preparation, other tips will suit you.

Don’t Panic

It happens that at the time of preparation, a person thinks that it is impossible to learn all the material, and he does not know how to calm down before the exam. Choose the most accessible, exciting topics from all the research or book and study them first. Even if it is impossible to master the entire theory, you will know a specific part of it at an extremely high level.

As usual, students do not have enough time due to particular circumstances. But nowadays, this is not a problem, and everyone can hire a college reflective essay writer and save time. Some people think you should do everything on your own, but when someone urges you, it is an excellent opportunity to avoid stress. The main thing is to find the best reflective essay writer websites and calmly go about your business.

Remove All Distractions

No matter when you start preparing for the upcoming exams, you need to get rid of everything that can distract you from immersing yourself in the process better. You should turn off the phone and TV, go to a room where you will be alone, and remove everything unnecessary from the desktop. You have to stay one-on-one with your studies. It is more challenging to remove extraneous thoughts that persistently creep into your head than extraneous items. However, you need to try.

Exam Stress Management Strategies

Simple exercises will help fight off a possible panic attack. How does it work? Any excitement is adrenaline. The fact is that this fear hormone is destroyed in the lungs. Deep breathing speeds up the process and helps to distract. In addition, deep breathing saturates the brain with oxygen, allowing it to work harder and memorize more information. And don’t be afraid to spend a few minutes on a break. It will help you study more effectively.

Healthy Sleep Is The Key To Success

During the exams, you need to sleep at least 9 hours. To prepare for exams, children usually lack sleep, study in the evening and even at night, supporting themselves with strong tea or coffee. It cannot be done in any case. Night classes are ineffective, exhaust the nervous system and lead to a drowsy state. After a sleepless night, it will be challenging to continue working, and you will have to sleep first, which means you will lose time when work efficiency is high.


Physical moments should be arranged every hour. Get up from the table, take a walk, and stretch your legs, arms, and neck. While sitting, blood circulation slows down, and the organs, including the brain, do not receive enough oxygen. Regular warm-ups disperse the blood and help to “refresh” the head for further work.

If you start preparing for the exam in a few days, then do not try to study at night. At night, the brain doesn’t work. It does not memorize new information but analyzes what it learned during the day. A whole night’s sleep will help you better absorb and understand everything you have time to read during the day. In addition, lack of sleep will only increase the stress of the upcoming tests, which can completely throw you off track at the most critical moment.

Sedatives Before The Exam

In stressful situations, they often resort to medicines, first of all, sedatives. But here lies one danger. Not everyone knows that herbal medicines must be taken in a course to have a positive effect. Some drugs cause drowsiness and inhibition, as their impact reduces the activity of nervous activity and inhibits the transmission of mediators in synapses. On exams, this leads to the fact that it becomes more difficult for the student to obtain the necessary information from the entire knowledge base, and it is more difficult to concentrate.


When the exam is days or even hours away, it isn’t easy to imagine that you will still have time to rest. But you are not a robot that can be turned on and left to work indefinitely. Therefore, if you start to get nervous, you should understand that this is normal. Do not forget that regular and sufficient rest is necessary for quality education. Following all the tips can easily avoid stress and pass the exams for the highest grade.


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