Ghana’s Top 10 Highest Paying Courses, 2024

Ghana’s Top 10 Highest Paying Courses, 2024:  Universities in Ghana offer a plethora of courses, but not all of them will lead to a well-paying career. My primary focus in this article will be on Ghana’s highest paid courses. Perhaps you’re asking yourself, “Why is that?”

Well, this is because over time studying these courses have proven to yield better financial results once one starts working. These courses vary and can either be in the sciences, arts, and humanities or even the social sciences.

TOP 10 Highest Paying Courses In Ghana

Below are some of the highest paying jobs in Ghana. Just take your time and go through it.


Nurses always work alongside medical doctors and other health-related practitioners for the well-being of their patients. The nursing profession is an exciting field because it gives you both financial reward and satisfaction as regard helping people to get better.

Usually, you would need to have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree or a degree from an accredited school of nursing in order to practice as a Registered Nurse. Also, as a practising nurse either in private or public practice, you get to experience tremendous career growth which in return would result in you adding more bucks to your account.


Perhaps before now, you have been wondering what it is with engineering courses that make it so high in demand amongst students looking to study in the university.

Well, asides from the engineering field being very wide it is a very lucrative profession. From civil engineering to petroleum engineering. Engineers are able to achieve financial freedom whilst also enjoying working in organizations that challenge their intellect.

To become a licensed engineer, you would have to obtain a bachelor’s degree in any of the fields you so desire. I recommend you check the list of Universities offering Engineering courses in Ghana for more information.

Business Degrees

Virtually every day new businesses emerge, and with their birth, one would require the services of an individual with a degree in the business discipline for the maintenance and sustainability of their brands.

This is where you as an expert in the field comes in. Business degrees vary from business administration, project management, business analytics, human resource management, etc. With such degrees, you can occupy positions such as being a business manager, project coordinator within the business.

Other people also earn more because they go a step further by acting as consultants to various firms in structuring and also in providing business advice to their clients.


Personally I think most people do not pay attention to the fact that the education courses are very lucrative. Maybe it might be due to the fact that people think you do not earn so much as an educator.

Take for example having a degree in educational management enables you to work in both private and public practice as an administrator especially in various educational institutions.

The key to this would be to be good at your craft such that people can always trust whatever information you give them. Other fields with the education profession include adult education, special education, etc.


The medical profession is also another field in which students earn more upon graduation. Medical doctors work alongside other health care professionals to save the life of their patients.

Usually, you might spend a total of 6 years studying for a degree in medicine but once you graduate, you would be able to enjoy the benefits of being a professional medical doctor. If you are someone who is keen on career growth, then this field might be for you.

You get to grow to become a consultant from being a resident doctor which results in more prestige and more earnings.

Finance Related Courses

This field would always be relevant and lucrative because everybody regardless of their profession would require the services of an individual in the financial field at one point or the other.

Financial related courses include economics, accounting, banking, and finance, these courses take 4 years to complete in the tertiary institution. With a degree in any of these fields, you can work as either a financial advisor to both individuals and companies or as a banker, accounts manager, etc.


The law profession remains relevant within our society because it has many applications ranging from business, government and even to you as an individual. Therefore, most people employ the services of a lawyer.

To become a lawyer in Ghana, you would need to have a bachelor’s degree and then enrol in law school, after which you can no practice as a fully licensed lawyer. Also, there are various specialities under the field of law e.g. contract law, oil and gas law, admiralty law, etc. Specializing in any of these fields also would increase chances of earning more because not only are you a lawyer but you also are a specialist in a particular field.

IT Related Courses

As you know that the internet has brought a lot of people and information together, it has also made the IT field more lucrative due to the high demand for people with skills related to this field.

Most times you would require a bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering, or IT certifications.

IT experts earn more from not only working with their skills, but they also consult for various brands in relation to the IT world, they could also earn from teaching others who have an interest in learning IT-related content.


Architects work alongside building contractors and engineers because they are involved in the designing and planning process of a building,

All the beautiful buildings we see around whenever we go out is the work of an architect. This field is highly technical because you need to be a person who pays attention to detail so as to give your clients what they want. Architects charge depending on the building plan and type of structure one intends to build.

With a degree in Architecture, you can work either as an independent entity or be part of a firm.

Other Health Care Related Fields

Asides medicine and Nursing, there are other healthcare-related fields that are equally rewarding and have a high earning rate upon graduation. Some of these fields include physiotherapy, medical laboratory science, pharmacy, etc.

These fields are as important as medicine because the medical doctor works hand in hand with them either directly or indirectly. You also get to experience career growth in these fields as well.


Although these fields can be very rewarding financially, it is important that you have a proper understanding of whichever field you choose as these fields require a combination of skill set which you might be required to demonstrate before being allowed to work.

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