Seven Ways To Use Your Scholarship Money Wisely

Seven Ways To Use Your Scholarship Money 52% of college students said they were at least somewhat concerned about their financial security for the next academic semester, according to a 2019 survey by AIG Retirement Services and EVERFI. Whatever the case may be — whether your parents are footing the bill or you are juggling college loans, scholarship money, and a job — as a college student, you will need to keep track of your college money especially if it’s solely scholarship money. To figure … Read more

How to Maintain Your Education While Traveling Abroad

How to Maintain Your Education While Traveling: Abroad One of life’s best instructors is travelling. It forces you to leave your comfy zone and enter uncharted territory. It opens up all sorts of peoples and cultures for the reader to discover. And it aids in the development of qualities like humility and tolerance. Here are … Read more

Exam Preparation: 5 Most Useful Tips For Successful Exam

The main method of assessing pupils’ understanding of what they have been taught is through examinations. A large number of pupils who voiced their opinions on written assessments disregarded them as pointless. This can happen if they don’t know how to study for tests. Sadly, they could not come up with a better alternative to the test. They have no choice but to pass the test to assess what they’ve been taught. Since this method of scrutiny is inevitable, the question that comes to mind for students is, how to prepare for an exam? Most students … Read more

Ways To Avoid Excessive Stress During Examinations

Ways To Avoid Excessive Stress During Examinations: It is a well known fact that every individual is unique, and that exam stress management is more difficult for young people to manage than for mature, established personalities. Exam anxiety, anticipation, and stress, of course, can erode self-belief. Someone has a well-developed imagination, and emotions run over the edge. Someone trusts only logic and rationally approaches the solution of important tasks for him. Therefore, each young person will choose a method that will suit him or be able to combine them. A … Read more

What Will Be Ghana’s Minimum Wage in 2023?

What will be Ghana’s minimum salary in 2024? You must be aware of the minimum wage required of you whether you work for a private company or a government organization in Ghana. It is within your right to get paid nothing less than the minimum wage in Ghana. In fact, the minimum wage is a law that is meant to guard Ghanaians working in both the government and private sectors. What Is A Minimum Wage? Minimum wages have been defined as “the minimum amount of … Read more

Best 5 Literature Books To Read This Winter

Best 5 Literature Books To Read This Winter: The season when you want to spend as much time indoors is winter. It’s possible that you adore winter activities and the outdoors, but there are days when the cold makes you want to curl up under a blanket. This makes it easy to escape the cold, and you can curl up with a good book and a hot cup of tea or mulled wine. However, there are a plethora of books available and the field of literature is always growing. If you want to choose something for the winter holidays, you can go at Christmas mood books. Or, if you are dreaming about the summer, you can choose books to feel like in summer. When you get an education in school, college, or university, you get many book recommendations that help you expand your knowledge and contribute to your … Read more

7 Best Investment Apps In Ghana (2024)

7 Best Investment Apps In Ghana (2024): Investment is the key to achieving financial independence. You must develop the practice of saving a portion of your income in order to increase your financial capability. Thankfully, Ghana offers many of options for overseas stock investments. With the global surge in fintech, multiple investment apps have been developed to facilitate investments in global stock. In this article, we will highlight the 7 best and legit investment apps in Ghana for beginners. What Are Investment Apps? Before putting away your money … Read more

Six Ways To Encourage Student Collaboration

Six Ways To Encourage Student Collaboration: Incorporating students into academic work can be achieved through collaborative learning. In comparison to conventional teacher handouts, this is a better choice. Teachers can’t, however, always increase the effectiveness of group projects. It can be difficult to get all students involved and held accountable for such activities. It is possible to encourage learners to work together with a few strategies and aids. Teachers should encourage students to collaborate. The right tools can also accelerate shared learning. Today’s … Read more